Friday, April 17, 2009

I was.

I was about to switch to Twitter.. When I realized, I've grown quite fond of Blogger. :] I finally got texting :D Whoooot. um. I can now be constantly in contact with my wonderful boyfriend. I was trying to type "dearest" with T9, and instead it put dearfart. oh dear :] I am quite terrible at writing dialogue.. I must admit. Haha. I gave up Jeshieua for Lent, and I stuck to it. Congratulations, Thi. :]

So today, Reggie ran outside again. This time, Ohdear! it was terrible, he got hit by a car! Well.. not. Hit exactly, but HIT! Kindve. He ran into hostetter road when it was busy and this Tan Honda Civic drove into him! He got knocked over. Good thing he didnt get hit by the wheels. Reggie is fine, a little shaken up, but fine. :] If anyone sees a tan/brown honda civic around. No back thingie or anything, give me the license plate. Haha. Trang was too worried about Reggie to get the license plate number down. But the person hit him and drove off! stupid Jerk! i watched the sound of music today. It was quite soothing. :] Kay, idk what to write anymore. Whateverr.