Thursday, February 12, 2009

FunDay :D

Totally AMAZING day today. :DDD. Crepes in French, Well, BIO was stupid. GEO i actually UNDERSTAND! WHAP, he said i did Good in my presentation. whootwhoot. Graphic design, I have half of my project finished. YESS!!!
My life is going Goooood. for the most part :DD
A. I have an amazing boyfriend who likes me for who I am
B. Rikki likes my amazing boyfriend, so I can keep him :]
C. My Homies are awesome
1. My grades are gooooood
2. I'm losing weight. YESS!
3. I've reconnected with my UNICEF buds!

AH! i feel so amazering. Today was fun. Rikki had fun camwhoring with my camera. Took like. 40 pics of me and Roan. Looll. HE SAW MY FEEEEET DX. Umm. I need to charge batteries for tomorrow, because Roan and I will be wearing matching SHIRTS :OO.
Also, I need to bake some cooookies for tomorrow. I have enough baggies, thankgoodness DX. YAY Yay YAAYYY. just watch, later one today ill feel like Shiiizzznittzz

So, my kid's names are going to be
Jasper James
Mimzy Mignonette
Lucy Levon
Ahght Andrew
Kracken Khonnor(maybe)
Ferarri Fleur
Cloud Calla (maybe)

Bold names are for sure. :]