Monday, January 26, 2009

Ima Cheeseball.

Stop. Get out of my head. I love you I hate you I Need you. I cant get you out of my head. Why?
I've come to realize, that although we're different people now, there is no way I can live my life not loving you. I hate it, you tear my up inside, but stitch me up again as well. I cant go a day without your name not crossing my mind. Why? Because I love you. Every way I look at your personality, I love you. In every which way. It isn't logical for me to love you, either. You turn me into a wreck, we haven't had a decent conversation in months, we can barely talk without fighting half the time. But the irrevocable truth is that I love you. I can't say I wish that I didn't, because you're a part of me, you changed me. Perhaps for the worse, perhaps for the better. I think for the better. I can live my life and not care, so for that, I thank you. No matter what, whenever you feel alone, always ,always know that there will be someone out there that loves you no matter what you do.