Saturday, January 3, 2009

June 29th.

C'est moi? Je Ne Sais Pas.

the intuitive individuals celebrating birthdays on this date have a knack for anticipating other peoples actions and reactions. While you are ambitious and determined with a strong sense of purpose and a need to be successful, you are also quite amiable and extremely sensitive to the prevailing mood. In business, you are quick to figure out what the public wants and able to understand what must be done in order to give it to them. Since you go out of your way to avoid arguments and unpleasantness, you usually know the right thing to do or say to get others to go along with your plans and ideas.
Those born on June 29 are typically compassionate, home loving, and gracious. Although you usually put your family and friends first, you know how to make everyone feel welcome. You are helpful and accommodating, but you cannot be pushed too far. When you're upset, you turn sullen and moody. Shrewd in business and finance, your practical side keeps you focused on you material goals. However, the artistic side of your nature yearns for the tranquility of beautiful things and harmonious surroundings.
Because you think in pairs, you're much happier sharing your life with a partner than going it alone. You are innately warm-hearted, affectionate, and responsive. You're also rather sentimental, and romance and courtship are particularly important to you.