Wednesday, December 10, 2008


So, yeah. that little drawing-ish thing. was about you. so you were being conceited for a good reason. idunno. But I broke every rule doing that. so hm. short post. need to tinkle. *reallyquietly* Haha. So. yeah. I have the feeling hes starting to like. Not anymore. nd i dont like that feeling.Ha and vivz are gna hold the fact that i went from liking nick to jon so quickly. but its likee.. Okay, i dont wantto bag on nick..when hes gna read this possibly. Ah DX
Soyeah, the day after tmorrow i get to see Goose! in person! then the day after that, i get to see him AGAINN. in person! haha. mm I have alot of homework right now. French workbook, sketch for Graphic design and.. Geometry. Ah. i wantto finish by 10. cuhs i like blogging and stuff then. :] I havent had a majorly awesome hug in a LONG time. This sucks BUTT. ohmygosh, and if i go to church & see Goose, and i dont get hugs. im going to be haha.
.. i have the oddest feeling that im gna get my heart broken in the next 10-20 minutes. ill blog more later.