Sunday, December 7, 2008


So, Yesterday was really fun. It was AsiaSison's birthday party, i feel like blogging before i do my heritage project or whatever. yucksyucksyucks. I might post it on here, i think its gna be a poem. The day before yesterday, Friday evening, I was talking to Matviy. and i was just THINKING. Batman is freaking awesome, because he isnt super, hes just rich. whoever the hell said money doesnt buy happiness was poor. i swear. or didnt have enough of it. Uhm, and Matviy said i talk differntly. Cuhs i use words like oxymoron and i can talk about politics and stuff like that. So, apparently im smarter? i just think i never spoke to him like that before. And, im trying not to say the word "like" when i talk, or at least as a filler. Like when someone says " was like.." and crap l like that.
I have a craving for grapes, ahg. But i had about fifteen BAJILLION calories yesterday, and people kept implying that i was fat.. :[[ saddening.
My hands are uuberly coolld. It isnt even funny. I will start the poem at SEVEN. i promise myself. Promise promisePROOMIIISEEE. So, on friday, at the giftwrapping thing, i was looking @ sex books for presents for pplz, as gag-gifts, and i was looking through this one book and on this one page there was a couple having SEX. like FULL COLOr, SIZE OF A CHILDRENS BOOK HAVING SEx. it was like a freezeframe from a pornmovie or something like that. Her boobs were like HANGING OUT. and this one guy walks buy me and GLARES and is just AHEMHEMHEMM till i put it back and ran away. it was scaarryy. and Friday, after school, this guy kept HITTING ON ME. it was so traumatic!! DXX Ahg.
So, i was thinking about how for choir warm-ups, ms. dameron would have them sing I love to sing, or we love to sing. w/e and i was THINKINg, that . idont remember what the heck i was thinking. Haha. the memories of that guy hitting on me were too traumatic.
OKAY. So! yesterday, i was talking to Goose, and i WARNED him to NOOTT get sucked in. TO NOT. and if he does, then i will poke him really hard in the butt. and i get to shave his legs. Yaaay.
I wonder if Goose is going to his winterball..hmm..he should, and then take pictures of himself Not dancing. and send me those pictures of him Not dancing. I wonder what kind of car he's getting..
I love talking to Matviy, haha. hes such a cool guy. Hes such an oddball that we dont really run out of things to talk about. haha. ITs only SIX FIFTY?! omgah. I think i wrote alot. Hm, im gna stick another picture from Asia's party in NOW.
OHNO! as soon as i hug Goose on Friday, im gna have to listen to him. Eeek DX ohwell. I feel supersad, i ran outtve milanos. :[[ And i havent gotten a letter from sven since Thursday. Should get one..Monday or tuesday? i guess. i got beef-jerkey, im so happy. Haha, but i want GRAPES or V8 juice! ooh, that sounds yummy right now. its no wonder im getting fat, right? haha.
Ive got stuff on the brain that i shouldnt have on the brain, and its weird. And i cant WRITE about it completely because i know someone actually READS it now AHEMAHEMGOOSEHAMME. haha. I still get the feeling i bore him or i annoy him, but..hmm..And i think im detrimental to his health, because i keep him up really late. :[
I have this competitive feeling in me that i have to get better than ALOT of people in WHAP, and if i dont, i feel as if ive failed. its kindve sad. but true. okay, im sick of blogging. or im not, but i should really get a move on with my poem. yheahyeah :D Lol