Sunday, December 21, 2008


So! I am going to try and blog about something Deep and Mind-boggling. Like Ryan. Haha, and not about my problems. :D

Pope marks Galileo anniversary, praises astronomy

That actually, kind of makes me laugh. Because way back when in..idk when, because we havent studied that time in WHAP yet. haha. the catholic church condemned Galileo for his discovery or. rather speculation i guess, that the earth revolved around the sun. OKAY> THIS IS HARD. I DONT WANTTO BLOG ABOUT THIS DX.

back to normal :]
Soyeah, today was uneventuful. Absolutely, i woke up at like. 10 this morning when Thu came home. haha, then i went back to bed and slept until about.. 12, id say? and i went to my moms room. Yeah. Hugged Reggie a bit, because at the moment. im hug deprived. THIS is what happens to me over break.