Monday, December 8, 2008


Ahh. okay, so right now, i feel like im having a food baby. euhg. AND i have a buncha homweork, AND im super tired. So first of all, the food baby. RIKKI is gna be part of the reason i weigh like 200 pounds. cuhs whenever we hang out, she wants food and i dont wanna be the one not eating. DX So i had this ham, cheese, and egg croissant from the donut shop. soooo yummmyy. it was like. as big as delarosa's head. and yeah. it was delicious. and only like. 3.25. and i had a diet coke..thats sitting on my bed as i type. Hahhaha
okay, second, buncha homework. I have a w/s i didnt finish for carr. that stupid monowhateverwhatever. the whatever thing about monohybrid crosses and punnett squares and whatever. And i have a w/s for Sevilla i didnt feel like doing in class cuhs i was lazy, AND like, three activities to write for french. ahh. not too much, wanna finish by 10:30 though. Sad, that i finish by 10:30, but i rarely ever get to bed till like. 12.
So last night, i couldnt sleep at ALL. i was like. wracked with guilt cuhs. idunno, i misinterpreted Goose when he was like "you should go to my winterball" i didnt realize he meant like WITH HIM. and im still not sure butbutbut. i was like WRACKED With guilt cuhs its his junior year, and he should have a good time at his winterball (goose, i know youre going to read this, and i hope you clarify) So like, yeah, now i feel supersuper bad, and i WISH i could say yes, but like. Seriously, i dont want a boyfriend right now. its likee..I honestly just want to date. and i know what matviy would say. i KNOWW he'd be like "well, youd just be leading him on till the next best thing comes along" and. im NOT! im just kindve at the point where. i dont know him that well, i dont wantto jump into this whole "boyfriend girlfriend" crap. especially since i would never like SEE him. and i havent seen him in like. 3 years i think. So im kindve like. i dont want a boyfriend, i wantto DATE him, and if it turns into a boyfriend/girlfriend thing, then it does. DX ahh. But like, hes such a nice guy, that i seriously dont deserve. So I HATEE that elaine/rikki are right, because its like AHH! I dont deserve this wonderful boy that makes me so wonderfully Happy! and AHH. my head is hurting DX. My brain needs to be sorted.

& Jon, im pretty sure youre gna read this, so im putting it here cuhs idk how to tell you & im a little wuss. :[[ so yeah. I think im done.
AH. and i was talking to Delarose today about this junk, and it just made me miss Ms.Lee. ahh. DXX


Jonathon said...

don't worry, i understand.
don't feel bad either, kay?