Tuesday, December 9, 2008


So.. Today i was thinking reallyreallyreaally hard. Mayn, i couldve popped a blood vessel. haha, im drinking milk right now. Its not going to make me taller. Stupid Liars that say milk makes you taller...haha

SOSOSO. heres a convo i had with rikki. its kind of pitiful..

(7:56:02 PM) cuppit3a cakes: im experiencing the first sign of call-hell
(7:56:51 PM) rheeeeak: we need to stop being attached to boys.
(7:56:55 PM) rheeeeak: we are strong women.
(7:56:57 PM) cuppit3a cakes: yes
(7:56:58 PM) cuppit3a cakes: Lol
(7:56:58 PM) rheeeeak: we don't need boys to make us happy.
(7:56:59 PM) cuppit3a cakes: we are.
(7:57:00 PM) rheeeeak: LOL.
(7:57:02 PM) cuppit3a cakes: Lol
(7:57:10 PM) rheeeeak: my lame attempt at not wallowing in self pity.

Haha, sadly, i know, and she knows that we both will not become self-dependent and stop loving boys so much. Sorry, Pro-creating is my friend. my BEST BEST FRIEND.
Okay, so i was thinking about why i really dont want a boyfriend. Or, i do want one. I do, in a sense. ill talk about that more later.
So, i was thinking about ALLL the single boys i know, and i was likee " i know the PERFECT present to get them" Haha. it was written by a 9 year old. so cute :] HAHA. nick, i know you arent gna read this. THAT is your xmas present. :DD

Okay. so back to my dilemma. I like ---- And. idunno what the heck to do about it. After a lengthy talk with matviy ( my stand-in life coach) Hm. Time passes so quickly on Facebook. Time passes so quickly period. so im going to post this picture & hope the right person sees it. :]

And replies .. hopefully
J'aime Ha Plus Que ---