Friday, December 5, 2008


So, I off the phone with Goose about 22 minutes ago. Haha, he said to update this because for some reason, he enjoys reading it. Hm. why? My thoughts are like, ew, and i type like a valley girl. :] funfunfun to read. He may enjoy reading this, but not half as much as i enjoy talking to him. Yes, if youre reading this. feel very flattered. So. hm, ill probably blog for 10-15 minutes, maybe less. probably. haha
Ive never wanted to think about certain guys masturbating, you included goose. So, i try not to. I try and think of them as very clean, almost childish guys that havent learned..what would happen..if you..yeah. HAHA
So, today, i was looking through my drawers and i saw a bunch of condoms *aids walk ones* and i was HIT BY A TSUNAMI of inspiration inspiration COPYRIGHT JEREMYBIRCH :]
And i was hit by this tsunami, and i was like "I KNOW WHAT TO GET JON FOR XMAS!"
I just hope he doesnt get mad, he probably wont. haha, hes cool like that.i guess, dunno him THHATTT well. I get the feeling i bore him on the phone. Haha
IdkIdk. Je ne sais pas. Je ne sais pas. Hope not. Eek!
LOL. So, i was singing to myself, humming to myself, all of the usual junk, and i was STRUCK, not by a tsunami of inspiration but of APPREHENSION. i have to dress cute on Friday and Saturday. and not that i dont usually dress cute, because, personally i think i do, but SUPERSUPER cute. i have to like, pull out all the stops. for a secret reason.
Okay, im about all blogged out. school tmr. Goose, if you read this. i updated.

Im probably gna get goose...scrolldown!

did you Honestly think i would tell you?

This post seems centered around Goose, so ill rename it. What was once frowziness will now become effervescent


Jonathon said...

you don't bore me on the phone. i like talking to you, a lot.
and im sure, i'll love my christmas present. hmm but i dunno what to get you.
yes! and this awesome blog was all about me! yay! thi, you are amazing, and superly awesome.