Wednesday, December 10, 2008



Okay. so this is sad. this blog is gna be kindve..stories..idunno. stupid kinda. Lol. SO. Today, during Cava, i had to go to the bathroom because i thought i was having period bombs, and i walked up to him (his back was to me) and i was like "mr. Cava..." and hes like AWHH NOOO!! and i like FROZE and then two seconds later ran away to my seat. Yeah. i know. pathetic, right? And later on Rikki was like "Mr. Cava, Thi has to go to the bathroom, but shes afraid to ask" and hes like "thi. go to the bathroom before you pee yourself." and i ran off, but BEFORE i ran off, i heard cava go "whatd she think? i was gna say no? 'STAND IN THE CORNER AND GO!" and rikki was like "you DID say no Mr.Cava!" False alarm though. false alarm. I wasnt on my period, thankgoodness. :]

New story. okay, so i think Goose is gna get sucked into a vortex. HA's solution was to make him my devoted boyfriend. But thats a stupid solution..cuhs..well. for obvious reasons. Such as. hes too old & its his jr. year so i dont wantto bother him. Haha. Anyways, he never has time to talk anymore. so yeah.

But my sisters/their boyfriends think i have a boyfriend. im like "" i was gna be all coy and assertive and be like "so. my sisters/their boyfriends/theirfriends think youre my boyfriend..we should just make it yknow. a fact." ahah. but, no. i didnt, so therefore, i wont.

PeaceOutYo! :]